This articles discusses pseudocode and why it is used.

Pseudocode is used in programming to explain what a method or a piece of code is supposed to do. Written prior to code, it outlines what the code is supposed to do on a step-by-step base. It helps to plan out the code in a method that would be easily understood by anyone and helps to focus the programmer on how to approach creating it.

The use of the pseudocode in projects involving multiple people also has additional benefits, such as making other people’s code easier to explain. Additionally, typing the pseudocode may identify possible conflicts or redundancies in the code if it is part of a larger project.

Pseudocode is an effective method to utilize when planning out what a piece of code should do and helps to focus on the task at hand.

This article discusses variables and data types as used in Unity.

Variables are a fundamental part of programming and can be utilized in a large majority of programming languages. They are used to store a certain type of information in code (though the information being stored does not necessarily need…

This article discusses the creation and implementation of projectiles.

Projectiles being fired from Player object

Projectiles play an important role in many games, whether it be used to attack enemies or obstruct the player. Today, we will be discussing how to create and implement player-based projectiles.

The first thing to be done is to choose an…

This article discusses basic 2D movement in Unity.

Basic movement using translation.

Movement is a required action in many games across multiple genres, from shoot ‘em ups to mystery. While movement can be handled in a multitude of ways, in Unity it is handled through translation.

Translation is handled by Vector3 (or a 3x1…

This article discusses how to connect a project to a repository using git bash. This article assumes you know how to navigate using Git.

Connecting a project folder to GitHub is vital in efficiently tracking and uploading files to repositories. The first step towards doing is to create a repository…

This article discusses the basic navigation commands of GitHub

Navigating through a computer’s files and directories using Git is a basic process that allows users to move through their computer’s files and directories. …

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